To-Do list #1

Now that I’m not on Facebook anymore, I’ve been noticing when I get the urge to share information. Thoughts that pop into my head, interesting things I find on the internet, blog posts I want to write are starting to pile up and I don’t currently have a lot of time to pump those out. So I’ll start small. Better to start small than not start at all.

Sidenote: When I first started videoblogging, there were several great clients for subscribing to people’s vlogs and I used to start/end my day catching up on a select roster of people’s posts. I wonder if I will go back to a model like that eventually or if I will come up with entirely new ways to get daily content. Currently I get links and interesting tidbits of information (like Dio’s death) from Twitter and IRC conversations with co-workers.

Back to the first to-do list. I’m sure there will be many but this is the stuff I think I need to start with:

1) Re-do my website in order to host all my blogs in one place and get off of the .blogspot namespace. This will also have the added benefit of cleaning up my web portfolio and having a better showcase of what I’ve learned and done with WordPress in the past year or so. I originally set this up in my last semester of school as a requirement for a class because we needed an online presence. Funnily enough I now help lots of people have online content and yet completely ignore my own.
2) Set up a feed reader – either Google reader or some similar option – and subscribe to my favourite blogs and online magazine content
3) Move away from Go Daddy hosting – I need to get my own server up and running and learn how to manage it instead of using the McDonald’s of web hosting.
4) Keep a list of blog post topics that I want to cover and make a habit of writing at least one of those posts per week.
5) Vlog more, vlog often.
6) Build a dog house. I’m putting this here because I’ve read that you never do the last thing on your to-do lists, and I’m okay if this one doesn’t happen.

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