Unittests on Try Server – Linux HG Builds is Go!

So today we deployed a unittest builder for the Linux platform on Try Server. You can see on the waterfall that there is now a column for Linux unittest results. The builds resulting from that builder will not be uploaded anywhere.

The Mac unittest builder is close and I hope it will be ready to go later today, if not then very early next week. Windows is of course being a pain and isn’t production ready yet.

This is a big win in that developers can now test their patches in the Try Server and see the unittest results before committing, it’s unfortunate though that the current implementation of this functionality is going to take 2 builders per platform per patch. We only have 4 slaves per platform on Try and so you can imagine that this will slow down Try significantly. A Linux unittest run only takes ~ 1hr though so that’s good.

Anyway, enjoy the unittests. Watch for more soon.

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