What I’m Watching

Trying out this Snapz program that lets me video tape what I do on my computer – also testing out the voice over feature of Final Cut Pro 4. By the way is Zadi is reading this – that’s how I switched the film from neg to pos… using “invert” in the video effects.

Anyway, I need to stretch some nylon over a clothes hanger so that I can eliminate those pops on my p’s.

This is totally improv’d – just a quick sample of what I’m into.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Watching

  1. im glad you made that video…important that we talk about what videos are out there….
    by the way, you can record your voice in snapz pro….this is how freevlog videos were made.

  2. i like seeing other people’s computers for some reason.
    i think we have the exact same programs on our dock btw…
    nice work
    we were talking about making a ant feed of vids like this so people can see other people using ANT…how they use it, what they watch.
    great idea!!!

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