XPcom – not right now.

Well, I greatly enjoyed Benjamin Smedberg’s talk – power outage and all – and much was learned about Xpcom. Not enough however, to enable me to complete the Xpcom lab that was assigned to us last week.

Last week I pounced on the lab, raring to go with my existing build of firefox and ran into a wall – something is just not making right. Some poking around, consulting with those who have done the lab generates no leads since the trouble I’m having is of course, unique, and so they do not know where I am going wrong.

Fine. I can handle this. I will do it all from scratch, checkout code, rebuild, start the lab and guess what? Still can’t do it. Currently I am stopped by this:

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `install.rdf', needed by `libs'.

I don’t understand Xpcom enough to really troubleshoot this so I think this lab is going in the “to-do later when you know more” pile for now.

Newsflash, I never created the install.rdf file – so now it’s working to the point where I can see it in my Add-ons manager. However! Ted’s Extension Developer add-on does not work with my build because it does not support secure updates…must be a new ff3 feature…so now I have to wait until tomorrow to ask luser if there’s a work around.

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