Videoblogging Week 2006 – Day 2: Spiritual

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Lately I’ve been reading about the snake handling religions in the Appalachian region. I’m finding myself drawn to extreme acts of spirituality. The Gossip played here in Toronto last week and when I go to their shows I get that same feeling of letting go that I think the snake handlers feel. It’s not all-consuming, but I do give myself up to just enjoying the ride that is Beth Ditto’s voice.

Check out the Gossip’s new album "Standing in the Way of Control" and see for yourself.

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  1. Tyas pointed me over to your site to watch this video. I am working on setting up a site where vloggers will discuss God and things God related.
    It seems from this post like you sometimes search. Maybe joining in on the conversation would be something that would interest you.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts feeling and this music here.

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