Videoblogging Week 2006 – Day 1: Gum

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Recently my dentist told me to go ahead and eat gum (sugarless, of course) because it wasn’t going to hurt my teeth – even though for years I avoided gum because of my TMJ (term for screwed up jaw).

In becoming a gum chewer, I’ve been trying out lots of varieties & flavours.  Lately I’ve noticed that gum doesn’t have a flavour so much as a brand image – there’s these new gums by Excel that are called "Voltage" and "Crash" – what does that TASTE like?

Anyway, yesterday I got suckered into impulse buying this new packaging for Juicy Fruit – 60 pieces of gum in one container.  No bubble packs that you have to bust the little things out of.  Now normally I take two pieces of gum at a time because I hate the size & the quick loss of flavour you get with one.  With 60 pieces of already unwrapped gum….well – you see what happens.



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  1. _Eat_ gum?

    Be careful chewing excessively. It’ll screw up your jaw muscles. Think: they’re only made to chew when you eat.

  2. This was so funny. It took you a while to do the math eh… LOL
    Thanks now I know what NOT to try… I could feel it in my jaws… OMG

  3. hey there…
    been off line for a while but anxious to get back at it.. can u pls e-mail me at
    i misplaced my compression settings list…. (i took a workshop with you back in the fall)… hope yer well,
    dig the gum. keep those crazy vlogs coming.

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