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This is a really big deal in my life. It’s always been this way – I’ve experienced everything from just plain evil looks to being pushed out of the bathroom. Going into public ladies bathrooms is always a stressful experience for someone who doesn’t "look" the part. The way that I cope is mostly to remember where every unisex/disabled washroom is at any place that I frequent. Someday I want to have a map of all the highway rest stops in Canada and the US who have them.

Anyway, the other day I was thinking it’s time to bring other women in on the deal. Talk to each other – please spread the word – someone who at first glance may not seem to "belong" in your washroom probably does, because most men would KNOW if they weren’t in the mens room right away.

Let’s all just try and assume that everyone around us is doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

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  1. This exact issue has been getting a lot of media surrounding Boston colleges lately, most notably Boston University where groups of trans students have been demonstrating and forcing people to consider the problem that they were mostly unaware of before. I’m glad you are speaking out; if enough people do what you’re doing (and the students at BU) there will have to be a change.

  2. that was great.
    it’s so ridiculous that folks run into crap when they go to the washroom. as a femme who dates masculine types I’ve spent more time accompanying them to washrooms (when they want me to, of course) and overtly making a point of chatting with them the whole time we’re in there, since I’m obviously (sic) a woman, and it makes it less likely they’ll be challenged by the nervous types. ridiculous.

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