I’m walking towards downtown today and I am struck by the variety to garbage and beauty on the streets.� The two are not mutually exclusive, I find some garbage to be beautiful.

At one point I found this long stretch of alley with some beautiful graffitti I have never seen before.� Amazing!

Then I have a little bit of a rant about gentrification.

Watch the video originally shared on blip.tv

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  1. I completely relate to your urban situation- here in San Antonio, we are considered one of the fastest growing cities in the nation right now and nobody knows what to do about the lack of space accompanied by nonstop highway construction. tsk tsk. I also understand your perspective on the beauty of garbage. I even photograph nudes in city dumps, tire yards, etc. There is indeed something inexplicably compelling about it. perhaps because you know that there used to be such a purpose for its existence and now its virtually useless. this video spoke strongly about it all.


  2. That plugin, imeded movie format you use isn’t compatable with my UNIX, i think its better to use normal http links to the mov files.

  3. You can watch the Quicktime files in UNIX or Linux using the mplayer firefox plug-in. It works pretty well, with it I can watch just about anything on my Gentoo machines.

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