Volunteers needed for upcoming HTML5/Open Video tutorial

I’m hoping if you’re reading this that you might be interested in volunteering this coming Saturday to help 12-16 year old girls at the upcoming Dare 2B Digital conference learn about HTML5 and open video.  There’s more information and background on what’s happening on this wiki page.

Two kinds of volunteers needed:

1.  Someone who is in the Bay Area and available this coming Saturday from 9-3:30pm to be on-site with us in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum and will work hands-on with the girls to demo Miro Converter, Universal Subtitles, and a little bit of Popcorn.js.

2. Anyone, anywhere, who can do translations to any language and who is available on Saturday anywhere in the 10:15am-3pm PST window to do some ‘live’ subtitling and show the workshop participants how amazing the universal subtitles project is.

Please get in touch if you are interested/available. Or sign up on the wiki.

Thanks in advance!  I will be posting any demos, workshop materials, and an update post-event on how it went.

One thought on “Volunteers needed for upcoming HTML5/Open Video tutorial

  1. Hey Lukas! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help – too bad it doesn't overlap with some stuff that Ben and I are doing in the Bay Area with BAVC in a few weeks

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